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Here’s the word of the day from

blackguard BLAG-uhrd,


1. A rude or unscrupulous person; a scoundrel.

2. A person who uses foul or abusive language


Scurrilous; abusive; low; worthless; vicious; as, “blackguard language.”

transitive verb:

To revile or abuse in scurrilous language.

Pronounced BLAG-uhrd not black guard, it’s yet another word that sounds like what it means. I have longed to use this word since I heard Michael Darling use it in the Disney version of Peter Pan but haven’t gotten any show to date. I suppose you want to be careful whom you label a blackguard.

Use it in a sentence: “Wednesday night, we won our first game in the city basketball tournament. One of the opposing forwards blackguarded L, but L brushed it off and owned him.”