Compressed Air Engine


New words in “Bring it Back”.

B had his birthday party yesterday. He got from his grandma and grandpa a toy airplane with a piston engine that is powered by compressed air (“Air Hogs” brand). So we went outside and flew the plane. It is amazing how much power the tiny engine produces and surprising that nobody marketed this idea years ago. Of course the men wanted to know how the engine works and it’s a good thing it was made of clear plastic so you could observe the mechanics of the thing. The box says that the plane will fly up to 100′. However, it appears that they meant to say the plane flies up to 100′ after flying straight up 30′, looping the loop thrice, then slowing down enough to travel the 100′ in a straight line. It was an exciting time because one had no control over the toy. It landed upwind, downwind, in the road, on the roof of the house, and into the side of the house.