The Proverbial Profane Personage


Life repeats.

Today, I sit next to the proverbial profane personage who talks to himself (and to you) under his breath. From his mouth proceeds vain babel, uniformly fertilized with vulgarities, profanities, and curses. You know this man. You are afraid to answer him when he speaks, lest you encourage him to call down damnation on his car salesman.

When he leaves for lunch, he says “I’ll be right back!” but you don’t care. You don’t know what he was doing before lunch; you don’t know what he will be doing after lunch, but whatever it is, you know it will be funny. You don’t see the humour in it, but since he is always laughing at it you can not conclude otherwise. Yes, you sat next to this man before and you will sit next to him again.

But love is patient and kind, so you will try to be patient and kind.