Pipe School and Flopsy

Adventures, Anomalisms

MG writes:

“I’ve seen that pipe school! Is that around here?1 I remember wondering, due to the ambiguity of the name, what type of degree you’d walk away with having attended said Pipe School. Musical? Fabrication? Smoking? Looks pretty small. I’m guessing it’s more like a tech school of sorts. Maybe they have a website…NICE.”

MP writes:

“While picking strawberries yesterday, Bogey P, K-Krank, Fred, and Anny2 lazed in the garden. K-Krank skulked in between the raspberry rows when I heard the frantic skreeches of ‘Benjamin Bunny’. KK proudly showed her squirming bunny when it leapt from her teeth and ran toward Anny, who headed it off, so it ran back to KK. KK once again trapped it with her claws and teeth, this time giving it a shake or two. It was medium size, difficult to carry, so she walked over to Anny, and handed it off to her. Seriously! Anny took the still struggling Bunny over to Trina2 and dropped it. KK came back to the garden and once again skulked through the Raspberry bushes. A couple minutes later, another skreetching, probably “Flopsy”, and KK struted out with her load. She dropped it at Anny’s feet again, but Anny wasn’t quick enough, so the bunny ran toward Bogey and me. It made a fatal decision to stop upon seeing us, giving KK another opportunity to pounce and shake. KK AGAIN brought the prey to Anny, who AGAIN brought the limp bunny to Trina. Where is the video camera when I needed it. This is a true story.”

1 The Pipe School is on I-10 between Waupaca and Wis. Rapids

2 Bogey P, K-Krank, and Fred are cats. Anny and Trina are dogs.