Saw a Hockey Game


As the old saw goes, “On Saturday we went to the fight and a hockey game broke out.” From J we got some tickets to see the Milwaukee Admirals so we took G and B. The thing that most impressed me was the fighting. The fans came hoping to see a fight or two and the players were laying for the chance to supply one. I wonder whence came this pugilistic attitude of hockey players.

I suppose it impressed me because any sport I am familiar with doesn’t tolerate fighting and the players don’t really care to fight except in extreme circumstances. The five minutes penalty would surely deter any player of basketball but apparently the hockey player would rather fight than play. Furthermore, most sportsmen realize that fighting destroys your focus on the game. It was clear that by the third period the hockey players were ready to try winning so the fighting ceased. Their focus and intensity were clearly improved.

So I was previously aware of the fighting that happens at a hockey game but I wasn’t prepared for how much it ruins a game. I only have one question. If you’re playing a pickup game with friends, do you still have to fight?