C and I were blessed to be able to spend the weekend at Milwaukee and take part in some tolerably interesting occurances (Thanks to mom and dad for watching the boys).

We drove thither in the Xterra around noon on Saturday and the Xterra turned out to be a better highway vehicle than I thought she’d be. When you say “giddyup,” she gets up and goes; and bumps aren’t as noticable as they could be. Furthermore, the cupholders have a little slot for your mug’s handle.

We ate lunch at the Milwaukee Ale House in the “Historic Third Ward.” The food was below average. C had a rueben whose beef was thick sliced, which would probably make for a fantastic rueben if the beef wasn’t too rubbery to chew. Apparently my hamburger was of the “Certified Angus Beef” brand. It tasted fine I guess but its cylindrical shape and “Certified Angus Beef” brand made me believe it was ground and formed in Chicago or Fargo or Cody and then shipped frozen to Milwaukee.

We spent the afternoon strolling the “Historic Third Ward,” visiting sundry shops, looking at paper, art, furniture, and what not. I found the histories of the buildings interesting.

That evening, we enjoyed the Milwaukee Bucks’ win over the Portland Trail Blazers, great seats compliments of Oracular. Michael Redd scored 27 in the first half but the Bucks came out flat in the third quarter. Anyway, they pulled it together in the fourth quarter and Redd led them to a close win.

More to come…