Yes, yes…I know I’m two weeks late on the “More to come…” To finish things off, we awoke on Sunday morning and worshipped with an area congregation, spent the afternoon “relaxing” at a shopping mall, and in the late afternoon, we hooked up with CW and drove back downtown. We parked at the Bradley Center and walked back to the Hilton where DC and LC had taken a room. The Hilton, by the way, is a refined hotel — plenty of marble and brass, full length slatted doors on the bathroom stalls, paintings of naked ladies on the lobby walls — but DC and LC rented the room on for $50 . So I guess I have to try that next time. Together, we walked back to the Bradley Center with the intention of enjoying a hamburger at a nearby pub. The chosen pub, however, was full to overflowing so we searched for another. As we searched, I walked past a man, whom I thought I recognized but didn’t bother to make sure because I thought, “If it is him, I don’t want to bug him.” Well, the gals were walking ten feet behind the fellows and of course C didn’t pass up the opportunity to say “Hi!” It’s in her blood. So we met Big Tom, former survivor contestant. Big Tom was quite kind. He remembered my name after only hearing it once and didn’t seem bothered at all to stop and tell us what was happening in his world. Thanks Big Tom.

After a tolerably long walk around the block, we finally found a seat at a pub and enjoyed tasty hamburgers all around, then headed over to the main event of the weekend, the Coldplay show. This concert was predictably excellent. The set was similar to the one we saw at Alpine Valley. The production, however, was different.

They used the wide screen much less this time, and because they were in an arena were able to use some other projection techniques, like a moving starfield that covered the walls and cieling. Our seats on the floor were not very good. Because we were so far back, one couldn’t see the stage well, unless one was over six feet tall.

Therefore, I could see well but C could not, so C spent the evening propped up on the chair in front of her. If we had been 10 feet higher, say in the cheaper seets 30 feet to our right, we probably would have enjoyed the show much more. CW had a pretty good view. His original ticket was for an obstructed view seat (behind the stage wall) so he asked an usher if he could move. The usher directed him to the ticket office where the cashier said “Well, I could give you this seat but it’s $30 more than your ticket. However, we want it to look full down there so here you go.” So CW had this view:

Probably the most interesting part of the weekend was noticing that when you go to the city, you always meet a lot of people that you already know. We saw Andy at the hotel, J and A at the mall on Saturday, Aaron at the Bucks’ game, Mike at church, Big Tom on the sidwalk, J and K at the concert, and it turns out that Chris was also at the concert and sat ten feet away but couldn’t come say “hi” on account of the ushers wouldn’t let him.

Well, sorry to write so much but it’s good practice to tell the story with all the details.