Jury Duty


So I fulfilled my jury duty yesterday. For orientation, we watched a short video about serving as a juror. A couple of points of interest:

First, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court’s Chief Justice was chosen for jury duty a few years back. She said no profession is excluded from jury duty (but D — a former attorney — says that lawyers don’t like having former attorneys on the jury; I suppose a judge would be worse). Anyway, she was rejected (of course) but she said she was eager to serve. She didn’t sound eager.

Second, a judge in one segment said, “Has the jury chosen a foreperson?” This got me to thinking. If the judge said foreperson because she didn’t want to exclude women from her noun, perhaps she should have said foreperchild. Regardless, I will not use newspeak like that. I will not say foreperson, I will say foreman. Furthermore, when I say it, I will mean that the foreman could be a man or a woman….hmmm…perhaps we ought to change that noun (woman) too. Perhaps woperson would be better…or what about woperchild?