Cellular Phones in the Crapper (Part II)


You know our mobile devices have become too mobile when we start using them whilst crapping.

Today, T.O. writes:

“Have you ever talked on your cellphone in the bathroom? I don’t think I have, but I know that I don’t turn it off when I go into the bathroom. It could easily ring, but mine never has. Last week I went in the bathroom the same time as this guy (at [local university]) who – while talking on the phone – took a leak, washed his hands, and left while carrying on a conversation. I thought that was weird – but not unheard of. But yesterday I saw someone who TOTALLY crossed the line. The office area at [place of business] has wireless access. He took his laptop (which was opened up and running) into the stall with him. Now that’s just not right.”

Amen brother. That brings back memories:


… So I was in the bathroom at a certain location a few days ago and somebody was sitting on the toilet and I heard his phone ring. No big deal right. So it rang a few times and I heard him pick it up. He was deciding whether or not to answer it. Then I heard, “Hello?”. He answered the phone while on the pot! OK, not the worst thing in the world, he just needed to talk softly and be cautious right? So he said a few sentences and then let a big one rip. Oops! Shouldn’t have answered the phone.1/10/2003

… Today, for the second time in my life, I was pissing when a man in the stall — who shall remain nameless — answered his cell phone! What’s going on? …11/17/2005

… “Thanks to the cellular telephone, your friends are now able to reach you wherever they happen to be. But thanks to the little button on your telephone, you can turn yours off and let it take their ‘Thinking of you, oops dropped my deposit slip’ messages.” – Miss Manners …