Fireworks Have Been Democratized!


Fireworks have been democratized! Last night, on account of the lateness of the hour and the tiredness of the little ones, we decided to forego the traditional municipal fireworks and watch our neighbour’s display. Well, as it turned out, we were able to watch the displays of 10 “neighbours.” No, there was not as much spectacle all in one place and right in front of us, but you may say the total spectacle was about equal, just scattered about a few square miles and a major portion of the night.

I heard a statistic; in 1976 (the bicentennial of our independence) we Americans (private citizens, not municipalities) spent $30 millions on fireworks. In 2006, we spent $900 millions. So our affluence even allows us to create our own fireworks shows. I do not think, however, that the democratization of fireworks will put the municipalities out of business. I do think it will force them to make bigger and better shows.