Need Camera


You know, I’m beginning to think I need to take a camera with me wherever I go. There is so much that I see that I think is worthy of a snapshot. This morning on the way to work, there was again a dazzling hoarfrost. But the more interesting bit was that there was almost no wind and a temperature inversion. The warmer temperatures, about one hundred feet up, stopped the smoke from folks’ chimneys rising, but the colder temperatures kept the steam visible for a long time.

A farmer was delivering hay to his cows in their pasture, while his farm house puffed a stream of smoke that traveled straight up and then took a ninety degree turn, as if it were actually traveling in a stovepipe.

Another house on the side of a hill was several hundred yards from the road. The smoke from its chimney also traveled straight up, but when the inversion checked it, it began to spread north in a widening layer. So by the time the smoke had reached my viewpoint, it was as wide as a road and as thick. It was a smoky country road in the sky.

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