Indolent Means Habitually Lazy


Folks, it is time for us (to wit, some of you) to exercise a little diligence when typing your electronic mail and sundry on-line correspondences. My anger waxes every time I see “thx for ur time” and “plz, what r ur thots” and “thru ur last day.” This is becoming an epidemic. Is it that hard to hit the y and the o on your way past the u? You can even type them all with the same hand.

Let us ponder how little extra effort it would take to write something beautiful. Let us ponder how little time it saves us to settle for something so ugly, so base, so low-down. Let us ponder how little we care for our friends and loved ones, that we force them to struggle to find words where there are none. And after pondering, let us care enough to move our fingers that extra inch, and produce something that we are confident our grandparents and our grandchildren will be able to read.

Thank you for your time.

2 thoughts on “Indolent Means Habitually Lazy

  1. Funny that you should mention this topic—just yesterday I was reading an online review of a bamboo sink (ACP’s backsplash was also featured in the article) and was horrified to find the following review by “Jane”:

    “I luv it, It wud lok gud on hour deck with tha granite planks an wud jackoozie.”

    It was very difficult to understand, and it felt like Jane was rubbing my face in a pile of rancid garbage.

  2. A professor of mine had a meltdown in class on Monday night because another student of hers used abreviations throughout a written assignment.

    USAToday had an article this week on the subject of high school students loosing the grasp of proper spelling and sentence structure due to the inadequate training from adults.

    If parents, teachers, and mentors do not require students to write properly then they will chose whatever form is most fun and easy for themselves — even to the detriment of their educational goals.

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