Supper Club?


What in the world is a supper club? You see these things everywhere and you wonder. You do not have to buy a membership. It is open to the public, right? Well, I do not have more than ten experiences in a supper club, but with those few experiences, I can say that to me it means a restaurant that has a pretty tasty menu of steaks and seafood with your choice of potato and bread with copious amounts of butter. I can say that it means a restaurant whose wood is as darkly stained as its carpet. * Neither has been updated in 30 years.

A. W. informs us that his grandparents went to the supper club at 6:00 p.m. sharp every Saturday evening and if you were not in the car at 6:00 p.m., you were not going to the supper club. At the supper club, they drank cocktails at the bar for some time and told stories. They ate a meal with all of their fellow supper clubbers and talked a lot more.

* proper thanks to M. G. for an apt simile.

Update: we visited the Silvercryst Supper Club in Wautoma recently and that’s what got me thinking on this subject. I ordered the sirloin and can agree with their advertisements. They have great steak.

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  1. My grandmother (a true German girl) explained supper clubs as those places that the local farmers and “working” people went to. The establishments served supper rather than dinner. She said that supper was supposed to be more filling than a dinner because the people who all went to them did physical labor. According to her, only high society ate dinner. The idea of the club part was supposed to be about it serving local people — similar to the idea of the neighborhood grocery store.

  2. I have been to the Silvercryst in Wauoma as well and I must agree with you, their steaks are great.

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