He Who Must Not Be Named


Do you remember when everyone was making a big deal out of Barak Obama‘s middle name (now only a few people are)?  Just recently, it dawned on me that the Barak Obama nomination is the equivalent of something like Democrats in 1948 nominating a candidate named Josef Hitler Mussolbini.

That’s not a real issue, just interesting.  Aside from that, it is also interesting that Obama handled that brouhaha all wrong.  He acted like he was ashamed of his name and said using it was playing dirty.  In a sense he is/was right, but the way one handles an invalid criticism can be telling.  Do you remember in Office Space when everyone kept saying to the Michael Bolton character, “Are you related to the singer?” and “Why don’t you change your name?”  His response every time was, “No!” and “Why should I change my name, he’s the one who sucks!”  Well, that’s what Obama should have said.

Considering the man’s attitude towards the invasion of Iraq and his failure to say “Why should I be ashamed of my name, Sadaam is the one who sucks!” I am — with all due seriousness — left wondering.

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