Lesson 1 – A Good Start


Lesson 1 was mostly learning the procedures involved in getting an aircraft ready for flight: visual preflight, startup checklist, and so forth.  Also,  we covered the physics of flight and control surfaces and what not.

My instructor, T, seems to be a thorough and conscientious airman.  That is what I want.  He allowed me to do everything except talk to the tower, takeoff, and land and informed me when I could do better.   So I was able to perform the preflight on my own (after doing it along with T), start the aircraft, taxi it, climbout, fly southwest to Rush Lake, fly East to Fond du Lac, and then fly back North to Oshkosh.  I was also allowed to handle some of the approach.

T commented a couple of times that it is an advantage for me to have a mom and grandpa that flew and took me flying.  The resulting familiarity with airplanes is a big head start.

2 thoughts on “Lesson 1 – A Good Start

  1. It is a Cessna 172. Doesn’t everyone learn in a 172? It’s an easy enough airplane to fly, but I find myself ducking quite a bit to see below the top of the side windows. So there is some room for visibility improvement, at least for tall people.

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