Lesson 3 – Turns


During lesson 3, we reviewed various items learned in lesson 2 like takeoff, climb, and descent.  The focus of the lesson, however, was turns.  We practiced turns at 10, 20, 30, and 45 degree banks.  45 degrees is more bank than you would ever use in normal flight, but it is a good proficiency maneuver and it is required that a pilot can perform them with accuracy and maintain altitude.  It was a hot day at 85 degrees so the air was a bit rough and after literally turning in circles for 25 minutes and not having any water on board, one gets a little queasy.  But the flight was enjoyable.  I had a little trouble with remembering to increase back pressure in the steeper banks and forgot to level off at 3200′ after climbout, but gained confidence and proficiency.  I was able to make all of the radio calls this time and T allowed me — with very close guidance — to fly the airplane down to probably 200′ above the runway for the landing.

I have become excited not only about the prospect of flying, but about the challenge that learning this skill is presenting to my brain.  I had forgotten what it is like to learn something so new.  Learning to drive a car was not a fraction of this challenge and I do not believe I have ever in my life poured myself so heartily into learning something new.

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