Lesson 4 – Turns and More


During Lesson 4 I handled all of the radio work.  I did a fair job at it.  When you’re hard down on scanning the outside world and maintaining altitude and airspeed, you need some practice at taking it all in without having to think about it; proficiency will come with familiarity and familiarity with practice.

We demonstrated clearing turns, worked on banking directly into a 45 degree turn.  After a little practice, we flew down to Princeton and found Red’s Marsh Farm.  It’s easy enough to spot from the air because of the snake-shaped canal.  Heading back to Wittman, T had me call the tower to announce our position and the tower instructed us to enter left downwind for runway 9 and call back at midfield, but he gave us clearance to land before we asked, so of course I missed it till T pointed it out to me.  Then I had to reach back and remember what he said so I could read back the clearance.  T instructed me on the turn to base and then to final and again had me follow along below about 200′ AGL.  That maneuver is getting more comfortable, but I would like a lot more practice at it.  Actually, I am getting comfortable enough with everything that I can now see where I need more practice.  I still need practice on everything, but the practice isn’t as taxing as before, in fact it’s more fun, so I can’t wait for the next chance.

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