Lesson 5 – Ground Reference Maneuvers


For Lesson 5, G got to ride along.  He really enjoyed the flight.  Kids are so amazed by everything, and of course the cars in the Target parking lot looked like “toy cars.”

I was able to do everything on my own, from pre-flight through climb-out, without assistance or correction or reminder.  That felt good.  It means that the practice and studying are paying off.  After practicing some more turns at minimum controllable airspeed — with and without flaps — we flew down to Fond Du Lac.  Along the way, we practiced correcting for wind by maintaining a course along a road, finding the correct crab angle by trial and error.  At Fond Du Lac, we flew into the traffic pattern, flew a low approach, and departed thence to Oshkosh.  With each flight, I seems am able to handle a little more of the landing.  This time, I was more or less in control (with T’s assistance) up till flare, but I tried to flare way too early so T made the necessary corrections for a smooth landing.

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