Election ’08: How Should I Vote?


If I have any readers who are ready to vote next Tuesday and are considering Obama for President or any other pro-abortion candidate for any other office, I gently remind you that the right to life is the right upon which all others are based, the right without which no other rights hold any meaning, and the first right affirmed by our Declaration of Independence.  If we Christians are truly concerned about justice, then there can be no compromise on the value and dignity and equal protection of every human life!

You can read about Obama’s record on abortion all over the place.  Here is a good summary: Obama’s 10 Reasons for supporting infanticide.

One thought on “Election ’08: How Should I Vote?

  1. I know several persons who will be praying and fasting on behalf of this year’s election on Monday and Tuesday. Perhaps some of your readers may be led to do the same?

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