B, Bowhunting


On Sunday, when I asked the boys who wanted to go bowhunting, B piped up immediately, “me!”  As he put it the next morning, “I called it first.”  So we went bowhunting on Monday morning.  I had pretty low expections, but B woke up right away and was ready to get dressed and go.  When we got up in the stand, he got pretty antsy right away and was alternately cold and hungry and then out to the field to pee.  Lo, right after he got back, there were a young doe and her fawn walking right up to us.  We watched as they browsed around.  The fawn saw us and was a little more nervous and trotted off right away, but the doe hung around and walked right up to our stand.  B related later that she was stomping the ground a lot.  So he was observant.  We took a picture of the doe but didn’t shoot her because although we need to earn a buck, she was small enough to have been a buck fawn and we also wanted a bigger doe.

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