Lesson 10 – Takeoffs and Landings 1


In lesson 10, T started off by reviewing a few emergency procedures and then we went flying right away.  Our Cessna had just finished her annual inspection and her artificial horizon wasn’t working.  This is not a required instrument for VFR flight so we went on without it.  I didn’t realize that I would miss that instrument, but I found out that I almost always check it after establishing a turn to see what my bank angle is…interesting.  Well, we practiced several takeoffs and landings on KOSH runway 27.  There was plenty of wind and with it, turbulence, so I never really felt confident and my landings were all over the place, but I did think I was at least getting the hang of the traffic pattern.  After a few landings at Oshkosh, we left the pattern and hopped up to Appleton.  It was my first time landing on KATW and naturally it was exciting to land on an airport whence I have flown commercially.  We hopped back down to Oshkosh and landed, thus ending the lesson.  All in all, it was enjoyable.

As near as I can tell, the trick will be seeing the runway properly and getting my eyes and brain to properly interpret the sight picture of the ground coming up to and at me.

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