Lesson 15 – Takeoffs and Landings Some More


Lesson 15 consisted of more takeoffs and landings practice.  Today was a pretty nice winter day and the winds were from 330 at about 5 knots, so there wasn’t much side slipping required on the landings.  Again, we ran a few takeoffs and landings on runway 27 and then a few more on runway 36.  There was a simulated engine failure and a forced go-around for practice, which I think I handled competently.  That was about the extent of the lesson.

I think I am finally starting to feel the flare and time it correctly.  I ballooned once, but it was minor and I did the right thing to correct it.  Also, I believe my precision was back up to previous levels and may be improving again.  I still have some work to do on crosswind landings, but today, all of my landings were pretty soft, so I’m ecstatic.

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