Flight 24 – Pre-Cross Country, New Holstein


During flight number 24, T set me the task of flying around Lake Winnebago clockwise.  While on the east side of the lake, I was to find Chilton, then New Holstein, and then the New Holstein Airport.  All of this went quite smoothly:  Communications with air traffic control, cruising at 3400′, finding landmarks (navigating by pilotage),  finding my way back to Oshkosh.  The turbulence was moderately high near the lake; it takes some getting used to.  The landing process went tolerably well considering the variable and gusty winds, but after the solo flight I did not call T right away because my phone battery was nearly dead.  Well of course I forgot to call him when I got home and he got nervous and had to call me.  I was rightfully scolded.

The next flight (weather permitting and Lord willing) should be a dual cross-country.

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