Lesson 25 – Dual Cross-Country


At last, we took our first cross-country flight.  The flight was from Oshkosh to Green Bay to Merrill to Oshkosh.  JR rode along.  Of course the hop from Oshkosh to Green Bay was pretty quick.  On the downwind for runway 24 you get a great view of that Wisconsin Mecca, Lambeau Field.  The change of venue to class C airspace did throw me off a touch and T reminded me of the carburetor heat and the flaps.  I’m not sure how much longer it would have taken for me to remember those but I expect I would have done.  We stopped on the ground for a quick rest and to close our flight plan and continued thence to Merrill.  The flight to Merrill was nice and smooth and seemed to run right along the border between the real north woods and the rest of Wisconsin.  The ride back to Oshkosh was fairly turbulent and to make things more interesting, T put me under the hood.  I flew under simulated instrument conditions for about 20 minutes and I think it went fairly well.

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