Lesson 27 – Dual Night Cross-Country


To meet the night cross-country requirement, we took off and headed down to Wisconsin Dells.  It was the perfect night to fly with almost no surface winds and the stars out.  MP rode along.   Everything went according to plan on the way down and I knew where I was at all times.  The landing at Wisconsin Rapids was a bit dicey because of the optical illusion that a night landing presents (just like the book says, the runway was closer than it appeared at night).  Wisconsin Rapids was a nice little airport.  We turned right around and headed back to Oshkosh and again, I didn’t get to enjoy the return trip because I spent almost all of it under the hood.  My simulated instrument flying was good as far as I could tell.  The landings back at Oshkosh were better and we even tried one with the lights off, which went fairly well.

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