Flight 28 – Practice


Today, we were scheduled to make the long solo cross-country flight, but the surface winds forecast kept us home. Instead, we shot four takeoffs and landings. The first one stunk. It wasn’t unsafe or anything, but I would have been embarrassed had there been anyone else in the airplane. Well, I hadn’t flown in two weeks, so I already knew I was in need of practice and I’m glad I got it at my home field. The last three landings were just great — lots of small adjustments on final, keep her on the centerline, smooth round-out, hold her off, correct for a small gust from the right, keep her nose pointed straight, flare, touchdown. The perfect landing is elusive.   If I were to critique myself, I would say I could improve by flaring 12 inches closer to the runway.

All in all, it was a treat to be up again, and I must remind everyone how fantastic it is to slip the surly bonds at daybreak.

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