Flight 36 – Solo XC No. 3


Flight number thirty-six was another solo cross-country.  It was not required for the private pilot certificate, but T and I agreed it could only help to have more experience.  I found the cross-country navigation to be fairly straightforward, even though there are few landmarks between Oshkosh and Adams County.  I flew from Adams County to Wautoma, a very short flight, and thence back to Oshkosh.

I need to work on:

  • Remember to adjust the mixture every time I change altitude.
  • Remember to start the stopwatch before taking off.
  • Adjust for a crosswind that is stronger or weaker than I expected.
  • Never give a “roger” when you did not understand the entire call.

It holds that every time I fly solo I encounter something new.  This time there was quite a bit of traffic using OSH and a twin Cessna (faster than our 172) was coming straight in for runway 36 so the controller asked me to turn base immediately and then land ahead of him, halfway down the runway.  Moreover, the pilot asked to taxi to AeroShell Square.  I felt like I was in some small way a part of the AirVenture arrival procedures.

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