Lesson 38 – Unusual Attitudes


During lesson 38, ZH and K rode along.  Again I spent most of this flight under the hood.  We flew up to Brennan Field where we executed a low approach and along the way there and back, practised several recoveries from unusual attitudes while under the hood.  ZH thought that was great fun, especially the time when we were nose low and fast.  K fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes of the flight, which is comforting, funny, and unusual.  I recovered fairly well from the unusual attitudes, but like a lot of things, I thought through the process too much and recovered too slow.  By the end though, I was just doing it without thinking it through first.  I’m also improving at some of the other things like asking for repeated instructions when necessary and adjusting the mixture whenever changing altitude.  We executed a soft-field landing at the end of the lesson and it went fairly well.  Initially, I didn’t get the throttle down quite low enough so I ate up a lot of runway, but the landing was soft and the nose was high.

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