Good Tidings of a Merry Holiday?


We attended our son’s “Holiday Concert” the other night and an introduction by the SNL Al Roker may have been in order, “So in the spirit of diversity and fear, please welcome the [Eagles 2nd Grade Singers] with and all-inclusive Holiday medley for everyone.”  The scholars sang We Wish You a Merry Christmas wherein the words were changed to “We wish you a swingin’ holiday…” and “good tidings of a merry holiday and a happy new year.”  Could it be more obvious that there’s a songwriter somewhere that feels guilty that there’s a poor schmoe in an audience somewhere who does not celebrate Christmas and feels left out?

Interestingly, they also sang a traditional arrangement of O Come All Ye Faithful.  So the school was not afraid of Christmas songs, but perhaps afraid of too many Christmas songs.  Anyway, since the vapidity, the vacuity, and the vanity of these revisions are blatant, I’ll leave the explanation and execration up to those with more time for that.   Just remember that, even though not everyone celebrates the birth of our Lord, Jesus is for everyone.

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