Killing Flies with a Crane


The other day we witnessed something remarkable. The crane operator at the junkyard was using his crane to extract the motors from refrigerators, obviously for the copper.  The following was his process:

  1. Snatch one refrigerator from pile o’ refrigerators.
  2. Set refrigerator on ground.
  3. Violently smash refrigerator with crane, sometimes twice just for fun.
  4. Find motor and grab with crane.
  5. Lift.
  6. If motor does not come loose, shake, yank, smash, till it comes loose.
  7. Toss motor 75 feet through the air to pile of motors.
  8. Toss refrigerator 50 feet through the air to pile of miscellaneous scrap.

Upon noticing this fascinating process, the boys would mark each smashing with a chorus of “whoah!” and each tossing with a laugh.  They did not want to leave so we stayed for a few more.

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