A friend and I watched the new Sherlock Holmes together.  It was just as enjoyable as the first and about as good as a sequel could be — enough of the first to give you the taste you want, yet enough freshness too.  About this film, however, one thing stood out — the relationship between the Holmes and Watson characters.  In this film, the pair enjoyed a friendship, a brotherhood, a bond that I dare say most men today wish they could have, but don’t know how to find it.  Furthermore, this bond was portrayed in a way that you rarely see in popular media.  To wit, in a way that was warm, wholesome, and uplifting.  It was not overplayed.  It was definitely not belittled.  In fact, the character of the friendship buttressed the entire story line and I walked away with a notion that I need to do more to nurture my masculine friendships.

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