Kodiak Jack’s versus Red Robin


Kodiak Jack’s is now offering a “Free Lunch, including unlimited fries” with purchase of the soup and salad bar for $6.99.  It is an interesting ploy — free lunch only $7 — but by the unlimited fries, you know they are targeting Red Robin.  So Let’s compare:

  1. The Salad: KJ’s salad bar is mediocre.  You don’t get a salad with your burger at RR.  Half a point for KJ’s
  2. The Burger: KJ’s burger is solid, perhaps better than RR in it’s basic form.  But RR has all the fancy toppings, so we’ll call this one a draw.
  3. The Fries: KJ’s has unlimited fries, RR has bottomless fries.  KJ’s fries, however, are skin on.  Point for KJ’s.
  4. The Price: KJ’s charges $7 for all this.  At RR you will pay $9-10 for the burger and fries.  Point for KJ’s

At least for lunch, Kodiak Jack’s just blew Red Robin out of the water.

2 thoughts on “Kodiak Jack’s versus Red Robin

  1. As mentioned prior in a gtalk conversation we had: Normal Red Robin experience celebrating my daughter’s fourth birthday. Which included time with Dan C, our waitress, good food, and singing to my daughter from their staff. All of that was a solid experience.

    As we were driving home to our summer home in Oak Creek, it was noticed that my check card was left at the restaurant. I called RR to let them know they could cut up my card if they had it. When I was transferred to the manger he immediately said “Where would you like me to overnight it to?” I never even had time to tell him to destroy it. That manager was very ingenuitive.

    Needless to say, I didn’t even have to ask for the exceptional service – they gave it without prompting!

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