Qdoba versus Chipotle


It is time for another restaurant challenge.  Last week, we had the rare occasion to visit a Chipotle Mexican Grill, and so we believe we have enough information to make a fair analysis between Chipotle and Qdoba, two nearly identical restaurants.  Let us compare:

  1. Chipotle has brown rice, plus the rice has cilantro.  Point for Chipotle.
  2. Both have delicious meats and burritos.  The beef at Chipotle is great.  The Ancho Chile BBQ at Qdoba is fantastic.  This round is a draw.
  3. If you get salsa in a cup at a Chipotle, they charge $1.25; Qdoba does not charge extra.  Point for Qdoba.
  4. If you get a naked burrito at Qdoba, they do not charge you when you ask for chips to go with it.  At Chipotle, you will pay for them.  Point for Qdoba.
  5. Qdoba has cheese sauce (with the unfortunate moniker “3-Cheese Queso Sauce”).  Chipotle has none.  Point for Qdoba.

Qdoba has just handed Chipotle a whoopin’.

6 thoughts on “Qdoba versus Chipotle

  1. My parents recently both gave their dislike of Q. I think that may bolster my opinion of it. Could that be another point for Q?

  2. The Ancho Chile BBQ makes Qdoba the easy winner in my book, but comparisons 3-5 put the verdict way over the top. Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

    I do appreciate Chipotle’s online/mobile phone app, but I believe Qdoba now has these services as well. I’ve gotten a few free entrée by using my Qdoba card. Does Chipotle also have a point/card system?

  3. Reason – “Uh, it was gross. Taco Bell is way better.” I then asked why and they really didn’t have a reason except for the previous statement.

    Another reason to like Q: Took the family to the Q and sat down to eat. I realized I didn’t order an soda (pop). I really didn’t feel like going to the back of the line to get a drink, and I awkwardly stood by the register. After a moment the lead asked what I needed, and I told him I forgot to get a couple of drinks. Asked if they didn’t offer me one I said I didn’t recall. Just gave me two and said “no charge.”

    BOOM! Q das bomb.

  4. I had a similar experience. The wife and I were eating at the Q, and one of the leads was wiping down tables after the lunch rush (it was still fairly busy at 1:30 p.m.). She asked whether we might need any extra salsa, perhaps one of the salsas we had not tried yet.

    Apparently, Chipotle is the restaurant folks are comparing to Taco Bell.


    The so-called Cantina Bell menu is a direct response to the Chipotle/Qdoba phenomenon. Let the record show that I say the Cantina Bell menu at Taco Bell is not nearly as good as a burrito from Chipotle or Qdoba.

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