Archery in School

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After a conversation about the program with my son’s gym teacher, Mr. F, I had the opportunity to stop in and observe B’s class shooting archery after school.  I was impressed by the structure of the program and how much the boys and girls had learned.  The class followed the National Archery in Schools Program, so there was a proper emphasis on safety.  The instructor had three different whistle commands.  Two whistles meant “take your position on the shooting line and rest your bows on your toes.”  One whistle meant “shoot.”  Three whistles meant “return your bows and get your arrows.”  A few times, a student slipped up and was quickly reminded, but almost every boy followed the commands instinctively.

Mr. F said I should take a few shots, and A said I should borrow his bow, but the other boys said A’s bow did not work as well.  I chose it anyway.  On two whistles, I approached the line and reached for an arrow, only to be reminded by Mr. F that I must wait for the single whistle.  I grimaced and replaced my arrow.  On the single whistle, I put three arrows in the bulls eye and A was quick to point out that “it’s the archer not the bow!”

The great part about archery is that anyone can do it.  I know several of B’s classmates, so I was stoked to see them shoot.  There were varying degrees of ability, but I was told they all had improved and they all appeared to enjoy it.  Thanks Mr. F!

B demonstrates fantastic form on the range.

B demonstrates fantastic form on the range.

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