Lost and Found


“They” say that the best way to find a lost item is to buy a new one.  I lost a lens cover last weekend.  I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it, so I stopped at my local big box and bought a new one — $7.  In my mind, I predicted that when I got home I would find the old one, and what is more, I would not find it till after I had opened the package of the new one.  After I got home I forgot about my prediction and then delayed opening the new package in hopes of finding the old one yet.  Finally I opened it.  I placed the new cover on the lens, and then picked up a mini tripod to place in the side pocket of my bag, and guess where I found the old lens cover.  That’s right, in the side pocket.  Within thirty seconds of opening the package, I found the old cover.  Spooky…

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