Friday Lunch – You Never Know Whom You Will Meet


Today GB and I zipped up to 68C for lunch and excitement.  On days like this I note that the excitement of flying is really only about 50% made up of what you see from the air.  The other 50% is the wild world of pilots inside the airport boundaries:

  • At 68C, we spotted JS, a pilot known by deed, if not name, to most Americans.  We attempted to say “hi” but did not want to be rude, so we missed him.
  • We enjoyed all-you-can eat rolls, salad, beef stroganoff, apple sauce, cake, and ice cream for the bargain price of $8 each.
  • Back at KOSH, we followed in two Twin Commanders from New Zealand.  We could tell by the accents and ZK numbers.  We saw them at the gas pump and didn’t miss the chance to say “You’re not from around here, are you?!” and “Welcome to Oshkosh.”  As it happens, they were ferrying these aircraft from New Zealand to Germany and stopped at Oshkosh for gas and a hotel room.

So you never know what you will see or whom you will meet when you go to lunch at the airport.

Central County Airport is home to Friday Lunch

Central County Airport is home to Friday Lunch

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