Why Festival Foods Is Winning


Last Friday, I was reminded of why I like Festival Foods.  C wanted an Independence Day treat for the kids so she was going to buy “cake pops” for them, until she remembered that my neice eats gluten free.  So, I suggested we get her a patriotic themed crispy rice treat.  Well, they didn’t have any, but I had a feeling that Festival Foods would go to great lengths for us, so we talked to the nice young lady at the bakery department.

Me: “Could we get a rice crispy treat decorated like the cake pops?”

FF: “Sure, do you have one already?”

Me: “No, we were hoping you would have one back there.”

FF: “Hold on one second…[she checks]…we have them back in the deli.  Just go grab one and bring it back here.”

I walked back to the deli and asked the nice lady to point me to the rice crispy treats and she did, but the box contained way more than what I needed, so I asked whether we couldn’t just buy one or two.  The answer was, “Yes!”  So she opened the box, I asked for a red one, she repackaged it, weighed it, and priced it ($0.24).  I took it back to the bakery and talked to a cake decorator this time.

Me: “I got my rice crispy and I was just talking to someone about getting it decorated.  Could we get this decorated with the red, white, and blue stars like the cake pops?”

FF: “Sure, do you want the white or milk chocolate?”

Me: “Milk chocolate.”

FF: “Hold on…[goes back to find the stuff]”

I watched the guy pulling together the stuff to do the decorating and I started to think I was making to much trouble.

Me: “You don’t have to make it exactly like the cake pops; really, whatever you can do is fine.”

FF: “No, it’s no problem, it’ll just be another minute.”

A minute later the man came back with a red rice crispy treat, covered in milk chocolate, and sprinkled with red, white, and blue stars — just exactly like the cake pops. Later that day, I gave it to my niece, and she was delighted.

Here is the point — I interacted with four different team members at Festival Foods on July 3rd, and each time, the thing I was asking for was not trivial.  They had to think about what I was asking for and expend some effort to get it, yet in each case the answer was, without hesitation, a confident “Yes!”  This doesn’t happen by accident.  They are doing something right at that place.

Festival Foods, keep up the good work!

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