The Matrix Revolutions [spoiler…


okay, The Matrix Revolutions [spoiler alert… … …]: First, if you want my advice, wait for the video. There’s no reason to see this small story on the big screen. After The Matrix in 1999, all of us were ready for a big story. The humans were going to revolt. They were going to break free and rule the world again. Even after Reloaded we expected triumph. Then, the title of the final installment was Revolutions but the revolution never happened. Instead of taking control of the machine army, Neo cut a deal with them. If you’ll leave us alone, I’ll take care of Smith for you. I wonder if the whole reason for making this trilogy was to make the biggest anti-climactic story in history.

I suppose it could be that the point of the story is that the machines never really lost control and Neo and Smith and everything else were all part of the plan and everything else that goes along with that to make it all obscure and mysterious. But I don’t think so. I think we’ve probably all been reading a little more into this story than we should have. In the end, it’s just that the writers didn’t know how to write a story that made sense in real life.