Well, I’m thinking the Matrix:…


Well, I’m thinking the Matrix: Revolutions might not be quite as stupid as I thought. Although I still don’t like the sympathy that the writers develop for the programs (as if they are equal to humans) and I wonder why there was no revolution (in a movie called revolutions). (Unless they meant revolve instead of revolt, in which case it makes perfect sense. Especially since those blasted earings kept showing up.)

Anyway, I saw the flick for the second time tonight and the thing I came away with this time is that the “Neo as messiah” elements are still present. I missed them the first time (maybe because I was distracted by all the Bhuddist Baloney Sausage).

Ultimately Neo died (we don’t know if he’s done living or not) in order to make peace with the machines. It may be that he defeated them in some way but we do know that humans inside the matrix that want to go free will be allowed to leave.

When Jesus Christ died, He gave to those who receive him the right to become the sons of God. He didn’t take complete control of the world right away but gave us the choice to accept or reject him. And just like the people enslaved by the Matrix, we have to believe to be set free. Well, I’m guessing that’s what Andy and Larry had in mind although it’s hard to imagine they did it on purpose (this whole series has been a world-view soup).

Signing Off for the night….Adam