Da Vinci Code


I have made an end of reading The Da Vinci Code. It certainly was an interesting read — especially for someone who enjoys puzzles and solving problems like I do — because the book was very well researched and the plot was as thick and tangled as any. Naturally, I reject the novel’s premise (to wit, that Jesus Christ married Mary Magdalene, that his descendants survive to this day, that documents proving these claims exist somewhere, and that the Church has effected a cover-up of the whole deal). But it was interesting and I learned some history of gnostics and Merovingians.

Moreover, based on what I already knew about gnostics, I might have guessed the ending. One hinge of gnosticism is that one can ascend to higher states by progressively gaining more of the secret knowledge. In the book, the guardians of the aforementioned documents would never be able to release them to the public because that would go against one of their core values.

And that’s the way I see it.