I’ve received an answer to…


I’ve received an answer to my question: “Is China one of those countries where the visitors have more rights than the citizens?”

Coming from two people who live here, INDEED!!!! we do.

1.We have more rights to do wrong! if that is not ironic.

2.We get paid enormously higher.

3.Of course, we also live a life similar to a reality-tv program, “Big Brother” is always watching! in this sense, we have protection from others as well as ourselves…haha.

4.We can come and go as we please…no permission slip (the people must carry a form with them, and an ID stating that they are allowed to go to this area or that).

5.We can speak freely about our faith.

6.We can gather together with other foreigners without too much hassle.

7.Our opinions about politics or religion or rights do not change our position in the company.

8.We are told we are beautiful no matter how ugly we really are, and also told we are fat no matter how thin we “think” we are! and the list could go on and on!

— A