The Village


I’d been trying extra hard for two weeks and yesterday I finally got to see “The Village”. By the looks of things it was just in the nick of time. It’s already done playing at the local cinema and the theatre we went to was pretty empty. Of course that was a Sunday matinee.

* s p o i l e r a l e r t *

The nub of the story was good. I did figure part of it ahead of time but I’m having trouble saying what is the really interesting bit. I keep coming back to the conclusion, when the elders decided to continue the farce. If they decided to carry on with the settlement but end the farce, I would have almost agreed with their actions. Howsoever all events seemed to point toward a lesson that they should be learning, they forgot to learn it. I’ll have to process a bit more and maybe watch it one more time.

Once again M. Night Shamaylan has created a wonderfully riveting story, a full-flavoured picture of a time and a place, a thing that makes you go, “Hmm…” Oh yes, and the score was exquisite.