Merry Christmas in Twenty Aught Eight


Once again this year, you and I shan’t be greeting anybody with a Happy Holiday(s), Holiday Greetings, or Seasons Greetings.  You know, I don’t really believe most people who have fallen into saying “Happy Holidays” really want to forget about Christmas.  Certainly there are those types.  I think, however, that a lot of people are simply afraid they’re going to offend someone by saying “Merry Christmas.”  The result has been some confusion about the fact that the celebration of Christ’s birth is the reason for our cheer during this last month of the year. Well, most folks are offended far less easily than you think.  Also, the tide may be turning back.  For example, last year Saturday Night Live mocked “Happy Holiday,” illustrating how pervasive and asinine this politically correct equivocation has become.  So we point it out too.

Every day, bless someone you meet with a “Merry Christmas.”  It is fitting and proper.  And when you get the chance, explain why the Son of God being born into our world is a great reason to be happy.

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas in Twenty Aught Eight

  1. Check this out:

    I’m dreaming of a sincere apology [Mark Steyn]

    Further to my post below about Amazon’s “Twelve Days Of Holiday” promotion, a reader complained to them about their decision not to use the word “Christmas” and received by way of response a canned e-mail apologizing instead for their use of the word “Christmas”:

    Please accept our sincere apologies if you were offended by the use of the word “Christmas” on our website. Our intention in referring to Christmas is to give specific ordering guidance for a specific holiday, not to exclude other faiths.

    I wonder if it might be time for Amazon to crank up a computer-generated apology sincerely apologizing if you were offended by receiving the incorrect sincere apology.

    12/06 09:52 PM

  2. Would you believe they’ve already changed it? As of 3:00 CST today, it is “Christmas,” but google’s cache shows “Holiday.” It makes me think someone at is pulling some office hijinks.

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