Hunting Success in Twenty Aught Eight


It was about 7:15 on Saturday morning and a doe and two fawn showed up about 100 yards away at the end of the marsh to the east of Island Two.  They browsed for a few minutes and I thought maybe I should shoot the doe, but since I hadn’t made up my mind before-hand, I decided to pass.  They walked away.  About fifteen minutes later, I saw a small 6-pointer booking it from Island One towards Island Two.  I decided right away to pass him up and it was a good thing because as soon as he got abreast of me, a beautiful 8-pointer appeared, also trying to get somewhere fast.  In my estimation, they were running from something (a hunter), not to something (a doe).  Well, all I saw was that long rear tine and decided he was a shooter.  I couldn’t find him in the scope at first because he was moving through thick brush and I had my scope on high power.  When he was right in the middle of my shooting lane, he paused to scan to his rear so I put the crosshairs on the middle of his left shoulder and squeezed.  He ran about fifteen yards, stumbled in thick underbrush, and expired.

He is my biggest buck to date.  I wouldn’t call him a monster, but he was called by various members of our party “really nice,” “a fat pig,” and “a bruiser.”  Anyway, he is a symmetrical 8-pointer with a 17″-plus spread. His rack is thin for it’s width and height, but here is an interesting dimple in the left main beam, probably damage caused while in velvet.  There was also a hole in the left side of his chest.  It was definitely not caused by a bullet or broadhead because there was no damage inside of his chest and the hole went all the way through his chest wall.  So we guessed it was a battle wound.

By way of protocol, LK and I discussed the matter of mounting and decided that anytime you harvest your largest buck to date, you have a right to have a shoulder mount made without being questioned or harassed by your party.  Moreover, you have a responsibility to have him mounted in some fashion.  Keep that in your clip for future use. I have decided to have a European mount made.  A European mount is when you mount just the skull and antlers.

Here are a few pictures.