Lesson 18 – Night Flight


Lesson 18 was all about flying at night.  We took some time to go over what special proceedures are required for night flight, some of the advantages and disadvantages of flying at night and then went flying.  GH got to ride along.  We took off and flew down to Fond du Lac where we practiced some takeoffs and landings.  I started the night off with a lot less precision than I would like to have, but added a little each time around the pattern.  I was improving in my crosswind correction, but needed more practice.  At least by the last pattern I wasn’t forgetting anything.  We headed back up to Oshkosh and landed two more times with more of a crosswind component.   On these last two, I did much better on the crosswind correction.  In fact, the last one was textbook with perfect alignment, with the major exception that I turned the ailerons the wrong way on touchdown.  Of course that was a little hairy for a second so I was glad T was there to catch it.

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