Cameroon Part 4 – Bush Meat


Whilst in the bush, we were 12-hours from the nearest road.  People ask how the food was was there; I say it was pretty good.  There were three cooks on the team who made some delicious meals: chicken, beef, rice, cabbage, corn (made into fufu), and njama njama.



On Sunday, the beef and chicken ran out, so the fellows wanted to buy a chicken from someone in the village.  We asked around, but nobody was selling so the fellows said, “we need to buy some bush meat.”  Bush meat is wild game — generally monkey or cuttinggrass.  The fellows found a man who had trapped a cuttinggrass. They bought it from him and we had bush meat for supper.  The cooks cut the critter up into morsels, wrap each morsel so it does not fall apart, boil them, and then fry them in palm oil and spices.  Honestly, the meat tasted fine, but the picture you see modified my perception of the matter.

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  1. It looks like I forgot to mention that cuttinggrass is another name for cane rat. So it may be quite similar to what your brother has tasted. I think this one, however, was more like red meat in texture and taste.

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