Flight 20 – Solo All by Myself


This time around, I called for a flight briefing and the day looked good, so I called T and he gave me instructions.  Go to the airport, fly for an hour, stay in the pattern, and practice your takeoffs and landings.  So I cruised around the pattern 5 times and landed 4 times (I went around once).  The gusty winds and the fact that I haven’t had a lot of practice on runway 18 made the day frustrating.  I would sure like to do a lot better than I did.

I suspect one of my main problems was that my airspeed may have been 5-10 mph too high on approach, so I drifted down the runway quite a few times and ballooned sometimes too.  Correcting left and right continues to be a challenge, but I believe it is one that can be overcome with more practice.  The key for me there will be to learn to use small corrections.

Up next…pre-cross-country.

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