Flight 21 – Pre-Cross-Country


For lesson 21, T sent me a list of instructions:  Go to the airport, take off, and cruise at 2800′ to the north end of Rush Lake.  Turn South and fly to Ripon, thence to Fond du Lac, and thence back to Oshkosh.  If you have time at the end, practice more takeoffs and landings.  Focus on becoming familiar with pilotage and with entering and exiting the Class D airspace at Oshkosh.

Well, this is what flying is all about — getting out and seeing the world from the perspective of a bird; so I looked forward to this flight.  It was enjoyable and just relaxing and I felt completely comfortable making the requisite calls to the control tower entering and leaving the airspace.  I shot two landings and both were improved from last time, but I made sure to leave some room for improvement next time.

Also, SR just told me he doesn’t ever see me get excited…except when I talk about flying.  Then, I get excited.

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