Flights 32-4 – Short and Soft Field Takeoffs and Landings


On the next three flights, I worked with T on short and soft field takeoffs and landings.  Flight 33 was solo.  Both techniques were unfamiliar and a challenge at first but with noticeable gains in proficiency by the end if their respective lessons.  Again, some more practice is in order because the goal is to do these smoothly, expertly, and safely.

I flew the solo practice on a Friday and Fridays tend to be busy in the air.  I was using runway 36 for touch-and-goes and a DC-3 wanted to use runway 18 to takeoff.  He waited while I and a few others landed and took off and then he finally got his turn.  Well, the unusual thing is that he was taking off in the opposite direction as I was and flying directly across from my left wing down my entire downwind leg.  So I had to be aware of wake turbulence from an airplane going the opposite direction as me.  …interesting.

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