OSH Control Tower


Our last flying club meeting featured a tour of the Wittman Regional Airport control tower. How awesome is that?! G tagged along.  The airport manager, who is a member of our club, asked us whether we had ever been in the old tower, and I recalled being in that tower when I was G’s age or maybe younger.  I. was the controller on duty and he was delighted to have pilots visiting him.  We were even more pleased to meet him. G got to turn the runway lights on and off. A pilot may say that isn’t too big a deal, having already done it many times from the airplane, but I think for a 9 1/2 year old, and doing it from the control tower, that’s pretty sweet.  Things you probably didn’t know: 1. *Not* including Airventure traffic, Oshkosh is the third busiest airport in Wisconsin, behind Milwaukee and Madison.  2. You can listen to the Oshkosh control tower live on the web

G takes the controls

G takes the controls

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